Gadgets such as smartphones, laptops have sensitive user data information that can be precious to the hackers. And that’s why these kind of devices usually have the potential risk of being hacked. Here are some signs to know if your Android phone has been hacked.

1. Noise During Calls

This is one of the important signs to notice. If you hear noise during calls in the background, there are chances someone has hacked your phone. Most of the spyware or spy apps are installed but they create noise during calls so this is a good sign to detect any such app that is tracking your phone and delete it. Otherwise it is hard to find any spyware as they don’t have icons and visible presence on the phone.

2. Sudden Restart

If you see your phone is restarting or shutting down without your permission, there are chances it has been hacked or someone is trying to hack it. As said earlier, hacking occurs through spyware and this is how they work. These apps are installed remotely and they make the phone restart to complete installation. You should get rid of such apps as soon as possible otherwise they will take all of your data.

3. Reboot Without Any Reason

Similarly, if your phone reboots without your consent, or you have not done this, you should worry. This doesn’t happen automatically, rather there is a reason. When someone tries to install malicious apps or spyware on a phone, it usually reboots to complete the installation of the apps. So you should take this case seriously and delete the apps and reset your phone.

4. Increased Data Usage

If you notice that your phone is consuming more data than usual, you should worry about it. This is because some other and heavy app is using the cellular data to work and send files. That is probably when the phone has been hacked. You can also check status of your unlimited data prepaid mobile plans Australia for data usage.

5. Phone Temperature Increases

Another sign that can potentially help android users to find if their phone has been hacked. The phone temperature tells a lot about it. If the temperature increases all of sudden and you know you have done nothing, this is a sign someone is playing with your phone. The hacking apps work in background and they make the phone work really hard. So the temperature increases and it shows a spyware is working in the background. Also, buy mobile plans Australia from reliable sources.

6. Battery Drains Quickly

Have you noticed your phone is consuming battery faster than usual? There are signs that a spyware or malicious app is working on your device. Such apps work in the background and have no signs. But they consume battery and the phone ends battery faster than usual. This is one of the biggest signs that can help any user find if their phone has been hacked.

7. New Apps on Phone

Lastly, it is important to understand that anyone can install apps remotely on your device. Someone can do when they took your phone for a few minutes. So if you notice an unusual app on your worry, you should search about it and learn what this app does. This will surely help you find out if your phone has been hacked. Delete all such apps.


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