Like natural hair, hair extensions need care and attention too. Not many people take good care of their fake hair. Taking good care of your hair extensions ensures longevity so that it can last for years without damage. Thus, you don’t need to buy your favorite extensions every time. However, caring for your extensions can cost you a little more and can take time. Therefore, most people don’t ditch the idea of taking care of their extensions because why bother? You can get them in stores for a few bucks. But what if you don’t find your favorite extensions in the market? What if they are out of stock? What if the manufacturer has stopped making them? This means that you won’t be getting favorite hair extensions that easily and have to buy poor-quality fake hair that looks fizzy, rough, and straw – you don’t want that, right?

And for this reason, keeping your hair extension in neat form is required. So, how to give the best treatment for hair extensions? Today, we will be talking about a few essential products that need to be on your list if you want your extensions to stay soft, smooth, glossy, and long-lasting.

1. Shampoo

As a drugstore product, L’Oreal Ever Pure Moisture Shampoo costs less than $15, which is an excellent thing for budget-conscious beauties. With too many hair products like styling mousse, hair spray, hair protectant, serums, our hair, and extensions, both tend to get greasy and oily. Thus washing your hair extensions once every 25-30 wear can remove the product buildup and keep the extension fresh. We choose L’Oreal because it’s cheap and contains no sulfates, no salts, or bad alcohols. It’s formulated for color-treated hair, so if you have dyed your extensions, this shampoo will help retain the color. This is one of the professional hair care products brands.

2. Conditioner

After shampooing comes conditioning. Conditioning both your hair and extensions smoothens and hydrates the shafts and seal the hair. Choosing one without sulfate and bad alcohol should be your topmost priority when shopping for a conditioner. Averno Pure Renewal is one such conditioner you should keep in your bathroom cabinet. It’s absolutely safe for colored hair or hair extension as it’s gentle on them. Infused with seaweed extract, it is packed with vitamins, proteins, and minerals to make your hair shiny and super smooth.

3. Hair Mask

Using a hair mask isn’t necessary; however, it’s always best to give the rootless hair some nutrients and love. That’s why we have chosen Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask. The mask contains argon oil, which is like an elixir to the hair and the extensions. Argon oil contains plenty of antioxidants, vitamin E, fatty acids, and minerals necessary for restoring the hair’s lost shine and smoothness. The hair mask contains no sulfates, no parabens, or formaldehyde. That’s why it’s one of the best hair masks out there!

4. Heat Protectant

We wear hair extensions to style our hair. For styling our hair, we do need to use heat, and that can be damaging. Hair extensions suffer from damage as well. To protect your hair while heat style, you, therefore, need a heat protectant. Jamaican Black Castor Oil Thermal Protectant is consequently an affordable option for your hair. The Jamaican black castor oil repairs dry, brittle hair, reduces dandruff, and promotes hair growth. It contains no damaging alcohols and sulfates, and that’s why we love this product.

There you have it! Best hair products and treatments for your beloved extensions. Using all of these will help you preserve your wigs and keep them in shape for years.


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