4 Unique Non-alcoholic Fruit Punch Recipes You Didn’t Know Existed

Fruit punch is the assortment of various sorts of fruit juice. Fruit punch can be alcoholic and non-alcoholic. The best fruit punches are mostly seen at big parties. It is most popular in tropical areas. Fruit punch is really easy to make. Moreover, you can go DIY with it easily. Other than that, there are ready-made powders for you to use.

Sometimes people prefer non-alcoholic drinks due to the fear of hangovers. Don’t worry; non-alcoholic fruit punches will give you the same taste as the alcoholic punch but without the hangover. The best fruit punch is the non-alcoholic ones. Here we will show you some unique recipes for non-alcoholic fruit punches.

#1. Lime Fruit Cooler

You will need some sugar, lemon juice, grape juice, orange, strawberries, peaches, ice cubes, and a bowl for this punch. This lime fruit cooler gives you a minty sensation along with a chilly feel. You can serve these punches at a big party or drink them on a regular occasion.

Firstly in your bowl, mix the lemon juice and sugar and mix the sugar till dissolved; then, if you want to blend all your fruits and mix them with the lemon juice mixture, you can.

The nutritional facts of this punch are also colorful, like the punch. High in vitamin c, carbohydrates and sodium

#2. Ice Cream Punch

Ice cream punch is the best punch for summertime. You will get the chilly and sugary flavor of the ice cream with the punch of fruit punch. For this, you will need a quart of vanilla ice cream, four cups of whole milk, three cups of pineapple juice, half a cup of orange juice, a tablespoon of lemon juice, one teaspoon of vanilla extract and a quarter spoon of almond extract.

You should chill ice cream, pineapple juice, and orange juice. Without these icy ingredients, you don’t feel the chill. At first, mix the juices and ice cream in a bowl. Then beat until they come to the concentrated mixture and then mix the other ingredients and serve them

#3. Banana Soda Punch

Soda punch is an energy punch. This punch will give you an instant shot of punch. For this punch, you will have six ripe bananas, one can have concentrated orange juice, 3 cups of warm water, two cups of sugar, and one can have chilled pineapple juice, three bottles of lemon soda also chilled.

In a blender, put the bananas, orange juice and lemon soda, and blend them until a consistent concentration is seen. Then that gradually pour warm water into the mixture and blend again. Then after a few minutes of blending, mix the cup of sugar in the mixture.

After all, that, put the mixture in a glass and put it in the freezer. Before serving, mix the lemon juice and pineapple with the premade mixture again.

#4. Mint Tea

For this, you will need eight cups of water, twelve mint twigs, four tea bags, one cup of orange juice, a quarter of lemon juice, half a cup of sugar, orange slices and lemon slices for garnish and some ice cubes.


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