If you don’t know it already, vitamin C can do a lot for your skin. It brightens dark spots and protects your skin against the harsh UV rays from the sun. You bid adieu to fine lines and wrinkles as well.  Vitamin C can be used in products like serums, face masks, moisturizers, etc. However, not all vitamin C products are the same. There is something called concentration. Concentration means the amount of an ingredient being put in a product. The thicker the consistency, the more the concentration. Excessive concentration of Vitamin C can cause skin problems; hence dilution is required. Anyway, enough of this chat! Let’s discuss a few things about vitamin C before you start using it.

1. Morning is the best time to apply vitamin C

You do not need a guide to use Vitamin C products. However, you get the most benefit of Vitamin C in the morning. Your skin is refreshed after 8 hours of sleep, which means it’s more ready to take in nutrients. In general vitamin, C should be applied in the morning before you head out of the home. Note that vitamin C can’t block harmful radiations alone as it becomes less effective when exposed to light. What you need to do is, wait for a moment after applying a vitamin C enriched product. Let your skin absorb the vitamin fully. That way, you will get more benefits out of it.

2. Use your vitamin C products properly

For serums, use them on freshly cleaned skin. Before applying your regular moisturizer, start with applying the serum. If you are using vitamin C in the form of moisturizer, then apply it at the end of your skincare routine. For face masks, using it once or twice a week with be best. You can also take oral vitamin C for skin.

3. Right concentration of Vit-C is necessary

As we discussed earlier, concentration plays a considerable part in skincare steps. According to dermatologists, a concentration range from 5 to 30 percent is ideal. Those with dry or sensitive skin would want to stick to 5-10 percent; any more than that number can irritate the skin. People with oily or combination skin, anywhere between 10-30 is better. You don’t need to go overboard with the concentration.

4. Incorporating vitamin c in skin care mask

Vitamin C used to be popular in serums and moisturizers before. But some brands changed this game by incorporating vitamin C in facial masks. Using the best natural face masks with vitamin C not only cleanse your skin but also helps to give you a smooth and even texture. You can easily find the best vitamin C face mask online or at stores near you.

5. It’s better not to use retinoid and vitamin C together

Vitamin C with retinoid used to be considered as a deathly combination in the past. However, some dermatologists state that you can use both retinol and vitamin C on the same day at different times. Using both at the same time can irritate your skin. As they have similar properties, they can cancel out each other’s efficiency.


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