The more clutter you have, the less productive you will be. Research suggests that an average person wastes more than a quarter of their working hours searching for papers. Clutter at your office and on your desk can result in decreased sales, poor customer service and increased mental overload. It is suggested to use a junk pickup Austin service after decluttering to responsibly dispose of waste.

There are many ways to declutter the mess at your workplace:

1. Scheduling Your Tasks

Spend an hour or half organizing and cleaning the daily clutter by:

  • Starting off with easy tasks. This helps you build momentum and prepares you for the detailed task ahead.
  • Moving the papers from your desk to the cardboard or file that will, in the end, be kept on their respective shelves.
  • Putting visiting cards, sticky notes and other similar stuff in a small box designed for this purpose only.
  • Setting aside things that are not often used into shelves or drawers but make sure they are accessible when the need be.
  • Sorting files and papers according to priority.
  • Manage wire like computer, phones and charger wires by clipping them to the desk.
  • Tag drawers and files with proper names so you don’t have to search for them every time
  • Making a list of items that you need to buy to aid your mission of decluttering. The list may include items like dashboards, dustbins, shelves, files, folder, markers etc.
  • Buy one-unit machinery to save space like a printer that comes with a scanner and fax machine altogether.

2. Paper-Less Working Environment


  • Paperless working is a modern art that is being promoted throughout the world. It keeps the environment safe, is more accessible, saves cost and is easily manageable.
  • Paperless working environment brings with itself, the solution to a very big problem that is security. Electronically keeping your data can be more secure as they are encrypted which makes the data unreadable. Further, it’s much easier to archive data for later use.
  • You can be saved from the hazard of cluttering your office if you put an effective Information management system in place, which junk pick up Austin service also suggest.

3. Put Up with Your Information Management System

After successfully carrying your plans you need to:

  • Make it a habit of daily repeating the organizing task.
  • Focus your drive towards more important goals as now you have to spend less time cleaning and managing your clutter.
  • Build strict Standard Operating Procedural guidelines that entail clean desk policy and such other reforms.
  • You can’t do everything alone. So, compensate and encourage those who follow these rules and guidelines. Workplaces that are rewarding tend to be.

All this will help you work in an efficient and productive environment. More productiveness means more sales, decreased costs, less stress, and frustration. A day free from distractions can help you focus towards more important aims but on the other side, you need to carry out these tasks on a regular basis because you certainly don’t want to go back the old clutter filled desks of yours in any way.


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