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Making Your Sofa Shine with Cushions and Throws

Give your living room sofa a makeover with stylish cushions and cozy throws for an inviting look.

Our comprehensive guide covers clever tricks for arranging cushions, choosing fabrics and colors, mixing textures, and more.

Sofas are central furniture pieces that deserve attention.

With the best modular sofa Canada has to offer as your base, dressing it up with cushions and blankets creates a comfortable, eye-catching focal point for your room. Follow these tips to take your sofa styling to the next level.

Set the Foundation with Structured Cushions

Start by lining your sofa with foundational cushions to maintain its structure. Rectangular back cushions in a sturdy fabric like canvas or linen work well.

“I use firm back cushions covered in a natural fabric as anchors before layering on my decorative throw pillows,” says interior designer Megan S.

Down-filled cushions also provide support. “I prefer feather-down cushions with knife edges to maintain their shape,” remarks Paul T., furniture retail manager. “This prevents the cushions from collapsing into the cracks over time.”

Get Creative with Accent Pillows

Once your base cushions are arranged, have fun decorating with assorted throw pillows in different colors, prints, textures, and trims.

“I use accent cushions of varying sizes like large squares, elongated rectangles, small rounds, and fun novelty shapes to create an inviting lived-in look,” interior stylist Emma R. shares.

When selecting fabrics, include a range of solids, patterns, embroidered, and textured materials for depth and visual interest.

best modular sofa Canada for sell
best modular sofa Canada for sell

Incorporate Plush Throws

Along with cushions, keep your sofa extra cozy with knitted or faux fur throws draped over the arms or backs.

“I love using chunky handknit blankets in natural tones to make a soft statement,” says designer Joanna C.

Throws crafted from faux sheepskins or longhaired furs provide indulgent texture too. Drape them over the sofa with the pile side facing outwards for a lavish touch.

Add Warming Accents

Don’t forget small embellishments that lend a warm personality to your sofa arrangement.

Antique glass lanterns holding LED candles make charming end table decor that casts a welcoming glow. And a handmade quilt folded at the end of the sofa introduces folksy charm.

“I lean into hygge style with woolen accessories like braided trivets, embroidered felt poufs, and woven basket pillows,” interior decorator Tricia V. describes.

Refresh for the Seasons

Keep your sofa looking fresh by switching out cushions and throws seasonally.

Rotate darker colors and chunky knits meant for fall and winter with breezy chintz prints and linen throws better suited for spring and summer months.

“I use lighter prints and textures in warmer months, then layer on mohair, velvet, wool, and flannel when it turns cold out,” says style blogger Alicia J.

Follow the article for more clever sofa styling ideas like crafting balanced cushion arrangements, choosing color palettes, and insider tips from designers to elevate your living room sofa!

With a few simple upgrades like cushions and blankets, transform your modular furniture into an eye-catching focal point.