Everything needs to be decluttered at some point in time, be it your mind or your house. The mess that is no longer required has to be shown the way out. Do you agree?

1. Plan Things Thoroughly and Then Take a Bow

Be it a battle, a presentation at the office/school, or cleaning up your own mess, everything works better with a plan at hand. Take a 360 degree look at your house and examine the mess thoroughly.

2. Separate the Mess That Needs To Be Recycled and Trashed

Not every messy stuff needs to be trashed, some of the ruins can be recycled. Polarize the mess into two categories. Bring in two large dumpers; one should be for the mess that belongs to the trash can, and the other one should be for the stuff that requires a recycle.

3. Do the Clean-Up in Small Bits

If you are not hiring someone to deep-clean your house, you are the only laborer that is after the job, right? Do not make yourself clean the house for a series of hours consecutively, schedule the clean-up in different segments, break your schedule in four quarters of the day, and spend one hour in each shift. This will not be a tiresome job, thereafter.

4. Divide Your House Into 4 To 6 Parts and Declutter Every Part with Sheer Diligence

Now, come to the point and start cleaning according to the plan you have come up with.

Declutter Your Bedroom and Attached Bath

  1. Bedroom is a place where you chillax and feel the warmth of your bed. The bed that gives you comfort needs to be taken care of. If the mattress has nearly expired, dump it and replace it with a new one.
  2. Extra pillows and blankets make a huge mess, and therefore, they need to be done away with.
  3. We all sleep in pajamas, and therefore we unknowingly store a plentiful of them. Just scale down on your pajamas and get most of the mess cleared.
  4. Towels and toiletries that have been consumed but their traces are still there, trash them at once.
  5. Broken hangers and residue of much-used things need to be gone.

Declutter Your Living Room

  1. Your living room must be acquiring tons of old magazines and papers. They need to be gotten rid of in the first place.
  2. Your living room must be having old DVDs that you no longer enjoy watching. Either you sell them to someone who wants them or just trash them.
  3. Cells and batteries that have been fully consumed and are of no use need to be trashed then and there.
  4. Old shopping bags that you leave when you sit on the couch for a cup of tea after a tiresome day at mall – they also need to be thrown away.

When you have decluttered your place, pick a Nassau junk removal service and get them to remove the trash for you.

That’s because your trash will have stuff that can be recycled, donated, and trashed. A trash removal Staten Island NY service can take better care of this.


After decluttering these two main areas of your house, you need to focus on your kitchen and storeroom, laundry, home office and so on and so forth. Examine and declutter every part of your house as we have done it for the living room and bedroom.


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