In the age of all digitalized system, still many radiologists store their medical imaging to hard drives and desktop viewing stations along with local PACS. But, the Cloud asks for difficulty if you store the medical record of your patient on your computer or local storage. Let’s get introduced with RAID as it’s more dependable than any other choice. And it’s a communicating method that’s supported by the Cloud is considerably more consistent than any other ways of storing medical records. If you go with this solution, you’ll find there an included superfluous communications that mean you’ll not find there a single point of breakdown. Your vendor will tell you that their data centers are away of hundreds of miles. As a result, it can avoid data loss by any manmade or natural disasters if you use a vendor or retailer.

Now, let’s know why DICOM PACS software is the best choice for medical imaging.

How Redundancy Works

When you think of this way that your medical data is one of the hidden treasures and it remains inside a secure vault in an equipped fort. But, this is not just a fort that keeps guarding your treasure; it also has super strong walls. Also, there you have a team of soldiers who are acting as the blockage and preventing an attack from the enemies. As they can mark the enemies from a distance, you have the archers who stay near the fort. Also, there are knights after the foot soldiers and swordsman. When the day ends, from the archer to foot soldier everybody is accountable for defending the treasure meaning your data. but, all of the said characters deployed at a specific level in the line of attack. A knight advantageously takes their position when a swordsman falls and that’s how redundancy works.

Not All About It

Not the whole reason why radiologists all over the world go with the Cloud and why redundancy is the best way. While using the cloud, you can use your patient’s data from anywhere and anytime. So, when you need it, you could be using, dining out, or vacationing as it always has instant use to the data you need. As a result, you’ll get rid of carrying around your laptop with you as you can use it in all smart devices. And you must think your desktop or laptop very precious one to you if you’re avid of using an app. In addition, if you find the app and your desktop viewer works for you it’s great. However, you must not underestimate the horrifying risk of getting lost from your precious documents.

Why Use It


It’s associated with the local and PACS imaging software when it comes to the cloud solution. as a result, you’ll get long-standing storage for your medical images whenever and wherever you need to use it. More than ever, when you primarily process an image of your patient, you can store them to the Cloud. If you think using cloud service Without any change, it’s the same initial step.


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