Why Surgeons Need Backup of Their Patient Imaging

It’s an authentic truth that technology is fallible. And when it comes to the medical industry, this is extremely true. In the same way, surgeons know that it’s not a good step to go blindly. But, you or anybody can’t predict when their local PACS will stop working or the internet connection will get down.

Also, it’s another unknown point when the power may cut for an unspecific time. So, if you’re going to get in surgery, you’re taking a big risk. Or, if there is the existence of physical films then it’s also risky. But, it’s not sensible to get caught by this type of situation without a planned operation.

Let’s know more why surgeons need a backup of their patient imaging along with DICOM PACS viewers.  

Avoid Choosing Local PACS Solution

You’re in risk while solely depending on the on-site local PACS or your beloved desktop image viewer. So, you should think again if you’re using these processes to view medical images that will be displaying during surgery. But, if it gets a crash of your computer then it goes the desktop viewer.

In the same way, you’ll not be able to use your PACS if the Cloud goes under maintenance. Or, it may happen when the internet connection goes down as well. The best is the solution is for you that stay with the local solutions while establishing a plan for image backup.

In this case, if you have a good vendor, he or she will tell you to make sure your patients’ images. It’s because the backup of the data centers stays hundreds mile far away. So, the analog servers are the right and valid point as the data center is not able to solve the issue.

Consider Using Patient Portal  

When you’re in this possible situation, we suggest you far better than RAID to get confused. In this point, we suggest you use your patient’s portal that has the backup of the same image and data.

As the high-class patient portals have made with surgeons and medical practitioners, you can depend on them. You’ll get the best function of these portals is that you can get patient images anytime, anywhere, and instantly. Also, you don’t need Wi-Fi accessibility.

So, consider using a patient portal is a great idea that’s completely separate from a cloud 9 PACS platform. Moreover, you’ll get the features of access, sharing, and mobility of the images as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Get Imaging Backup

This is about how the patient portal works. You may have a patient’s share or upload documents with an app like PiX. Or, your employees may have uploaded these images using a patient portal. In both ways, the images will remain in a single location along with a one common ID number.

When they’re in PiX or any other patient portal, you can view the images at any time and from anywhere. What you have to do in this case is just get logged in and you’re all set to view them from your nearby device.


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