5 Types of Hydroponic Lights that Help Plants Grow Efficiently

Hydroponics are lights that are beneficial in the case of indoor gardens. Due to the lack of space increasing, people are getting more into indoor planting day by day. But the main problem of indoor gardening is the light source. For this, you will need the best hydroponic grow lights as a light source. You will need a light source for your plants to grow.

The best hydroponic grow lights can provide that required light energy for your plants. They supply light adequate to the spectrum of the sun and benefit the plants. In other words, you can create an outdoor environment indoors. There are various types of lights depending on the plants you are growing.

#1. Light-Emitting Diodes

First of all, let’s talk about LEDs. You will see them everywhere. These are the new generation lights. They also provide enough light to initialize photosynthesis in plants. LEDs contain multiple diodes which convert electrical energy into light energy. You can get them in local stores. Make sure to get the one that includes a heatsink and fans.

You know that multicolor lights will provide all kinds of light spectrum that is necessary for plants. Usually, bright LEDs are used as hydroponic grow lights. But, the best is to use white spectrum lights because they can almost imitate natural light.

#2. High-Intensity Discharge Lamps

HID lamps were common lights. They were the new generation fluorescent lights. HID lamps are good because they provide a spectrum comparable to that of sunlight. There are variations of HID lamps. Most common are mercury vapor and metal halide ones. 

Mercury vapor HID lamps were among the first ones. But they are ineffective in indoor gardening. So, they got replaced by better and improved HID lamps. The main problem of HID lamps is that their variations have different power outages and dynamic voltage, which will not help a lot for your plants to grow.

#3. Metal Halide Bulbs

MH bulbs are a variation of HID bulbs but with the violet and blue part of the spectrum. We told you that HID lamps could mimic almost similar light ranges to the sun. For this, MH bulbs are highly efficient as hydroponic lights. Also, indoor farmers say that the plants look pleasant under MH bulbs.

MH bulbs are widely used in horticulture industries. Because these help a lot to stiffen the roots and stem of the plants. Also, the light increases the life expectancy of the plant by a lot.

#4. High-Pressure Sodium Lights

HPS lights are a more efficient and effective type of HID light than MH bulbs. HPS lights revolve on a spectrum of yellow and red. The main feature of HPS bulbs is that they can provide more and better energy than regular bulbs. Through HPS lights, you can grow your plants indoors in a very short time.

#5 Tube Style Fluorescents

Fluorescents are the least efficient. But they can get your work done. For operating fluorescent lights, you will need ballasts. The brightest fluorescent version is the T5. It can grow normal sprouts and work on seeds on basic.


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