If you think of keeping pizza on the lunch menu, you should consider something more to add to the menu. Pizza is no doubt a delicious food, but pizza alone cannot fulfill our hunger sometimes. Besides, only pizza does not look perfect on the table.

However, various other meals are a perfect combo with pizza. You may get the pizza by searching online for “pizza delivery near me order online” and get your pizza at home. But what will be the other meal that you will order? There are tons of meals that are sibling match to pizza, don’t stop. There’s more to come.

#1. Side Salad

Pizza is filled with cheese and sauce, and other ingredients that are high in fat. A side salad may balance the effect of pizza. The salad usually is made from lettuce, breast, parmesan yogurt, etc.

Besides, lemon or cucumber is also a common ingredient in salad. Salad will fill your hunger and not let you have more pizza. So the amount of fat going inside will be balanced.

#2. Tornado Potatoes

This is the perfect match with pizza that increases the deliciousness of pizza more. Peel the potato, slice it like chips, brush it with salt, butter, cheese and then fry the potato slices.

The potato slices will add taste to the meal and also make it look beautiful.

#3 Garlic Bread

Bread is an approved side dish for pizza. There are many pizzerias where garlic bread is given as a side dish with pizza to provide the customer with a much better experience.

However, if you want to add garlic bread to your meal, you need to buy bread first, brush it with butter or olive oil and bake until it’s crispy. Voila, you have your garlic bread and pizza.

#4 Onion Rings

Onion rings are a must adding to pizza Margherita or Neapolitan pizza. Onion rings keep up the crispiness even when they are cold. Different-sized onion rings make the meal more appealing and add taste to it. You can also test Italian pizza. For getting the pizza you can look for “Italian pizza delivery near me”.

Pizza without onion rings is like missing 20% taste of the meal.

#5. Soup

Soup is one of the most common ingredients as a meal in many countries. If you have a pizza for your lunch, start with a bit of soup first. It will create a contrast inside your mouth that will make the pizza even more delicious.

There are many soup options, such as mushroom soup, which makes the meal irresistible.

#6 Coleslaw

Let us take a refreshing side dish, shall we? How about coleslaw? Coleslaw is pretty crispy, and the crunch gives a nice texture to your pizza.

If you want to make coleslaw at home, remember to put it in the fridge for several hours before serving it. This will make it tastier.

#7 Mozzarella Sticks

If you are a cheese lover like me, then mozzarella sticks will be the best option to add to your pizza. The crispiness with flavored cheese inside will make it heavenly.


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