7 Packing Tips for Moving in A Hurry

Found your dream house that too in your budget, when you were not even searching for houses? Thanks to that friend who mentioned that the house you always adored is up for instant sale because the owner is moving abroad by the end of the month! In such situations, you are required to put your day and night into packing everything. Sometimes the pressure of running out of time is so much that you even start getting dreams regarding the packing. Yes! That’s coming out of the experience. So to ensure that you don’t go crazy if given short moving out time here are a few tips to pack in a hurry.

1. List Down Every Item in the House

There isn’t really a need to let anxiety take over, neither is there a need to get super tensed about how will you manage. Trust me it’s not that hard, it’s very easy but all it requires is your commitment and energy so don’t invest that energy into over thinking but rather in packing up stuff. First thing you need to do is take a look around your place and make a list of all the items literally even the smallest thing of your house like that wind chime in your balcony. Once done now make a separate list of items you need to discard and take to the new house. Trust me this will make the whole process very organized.

2. Sell the Discard List or Use Junk Removal

Now quickly take pictures of all the items you need to discard, make sure they are of HD quality then upload your deal for them on various websites like craigslist and forget about them until night when you are free from all the other work. At night check your messages and approve suitable offers.

Moreover, if you don’t have time for that and want to move in a hurry, hire a Dade junk pickup service for junk removal. Most Dade junk pickup services provide urgent services.

3. Purchase Necessary Things to Pack

Next, gather all the things needed to pack your assets at one place like masking tapes, scissors, cartons, bubble wrap, markers and etc. if you are short of anything quickly buy it from the nearest stationary shop because without these items you cannot proceed further.

4. Wake Up Early

Stop being lazy and stop snoozing your alarm to stay in bed for a few extra minutes which actually turn into extra hours. Start your day early at least two or three hours earlier than your normal timings because there’s a lot you have to do in little time. So be active!

5. Label the Cartons

Once you have packed everything securely in a carton make sure you label the carton with a marker like which room’s things are they and what are the items in that specific carton. This will greatly organize your unpacking session.

6. Hire Specialists

If you think you have an extremely hectic week or more ahead due to a lot of pressure at work make sure you don’t overburden your sleep and overlook your health and mental peace. For this, the best option is to delegate this job to a moving specialist or junk pickup Dade County service and let them take care of everything.

7. Separate Daily Essentials

Do not pack the everyday use things like facewash, straightener, few clothes, few slippers and whatever you think you can’t live without. Pack them on the moving day only but make sure you keep the items to maximum 10-15 things otherwise it will get very difficult.


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