7 Reasons Your Medical Staff Is Unhappy

1. Unclear Job Responsibilities

Medical staff is said to have the toughest duties, it’s not only about working long hours but each day they have to control their emotions, their feelings and stay strong and convey the sad news to people about the death of their loved ones. Each day they have to carry a bright smile on their face irrespective of how disturbed or upset they are from the inside. It’s very common for these medical staff to be unhappy and its human nature that unhappiness negatively effects motivation and in case of this field demotivation could be very troublesome.

The major reason why medical staff is unhappy is because you all have very unclear job responsibilities like there’s no perfectly worded job description in your case. Why? Because half of your responsibilities are not written in your JD but it’s only you who has to do them and do you know what’s the worst part? It’s when you do not get an appraisal just because you did not perform these duties that were never even mentioned on your JD when you signed the contract, well. If a patient care nurse is made to clean floors or use IT tools like DCM viewer Mac, they will be unhappy.

2. Lower Pay than Work Load

It is safe to say that medical staff works like robots and have to be very quick and always on their foot because you never know what emergency can come in the next second. When we look at this tight and extremely hectic schedule we realize that the pay scale for this work routine is a bit too low like taking this mental pressure and stress for this low income make the medical staff dissatisfied and sad.

3. No Continued Education

Since the field medicine calls for full attention and dedication and extremely hectic work life so there remains no time for healthcare professionals like you all to update your knowledge and educate yourself with something new in the market. I know I’m talking your heart out! This after a few time makes you all sad.

4. No Automation

The hassle of manually doing everything from in and out signing to writing applications on paper to writing the prescription gets very annoying but it’s surprising that medical staff like you all are used to it and this extra effort into all this makes staff unhappy too. Yes, I know this wastes time plus efforts. Good time saving tools like hospital management software and DCM viewer Mac are recommended to view DICOM images.


5. Too Much Workload

The job calls for being available every time and anytime even if not physically but definitely mentally. You should just be at a call’s reach. This dedication sometimes gets a bit too much and ends in you being all upset and sad.

6. No Entertainment

Entertainment is very important for any field of work. Just like all big firms today have realized how important it is to add activities that make employees happy like parties, birthdays, picnics, annual dinner and etc. in the same way medical field’s big names also have to realize this and add some fun to the boring jobs of their employees caring for patients or using DCM viewer Mac for medical all day long. If not, then they will continue to be unhappy and tired.

7. Less Time for Family

This needs to be looked upon and a solution must be discovered for this at the earliest.


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