8 Essential Cloud Security Tips

The usage of cloud storage is increasing day by day and so the security threats are also increasing alarmingly. To keep your data safe, you need to ensure the cloud security. Here are 8 essential tips for cloud security that will help you to improve your cloud storage experience.

1. Educate Your Staff

The companies that use cloud services for hosting and data storage need to educate the staff about this new technology. It has been seen not many employees at health centers know about cloud services or medical image cloud storage. So they should be provided training and guidance to increase their understanding. Only this way, they can take better care of the cloud services and its security.

2. Use Backup Plans

Not many companies use backups plans when it comes to important data. Every company should inform the cloud host to provide them with backup plans and more space so that they can store the important data in cloud services. This will help you have data protected in case of any disaster. Some experts also recommend to not store important data in cloud services because it is more vulnerable to threats.

3. Use Strong Passwords

The passwords of your cloud services should be strong enough. Many people just rely on short passwords that can easily be hacked. Moreover, the passwords of sensitive data centers and storage should be accessible to only the relevant and trusted employees. Staff that is responsible for monitoring and care of cloud services should have access to the passwords.

4. Limit Access to the Data

Most of the companies and hospitals have dedicated staff and professionals that look after the cloud servers and medical image cloud storage. So this should be followed strictly. No relevant person or staff of the company should have access to the data center, cloud servers and the whole system. This can come in handy to prevent unauthorized access, hacking attempts and loss of important data.

5. Use Dedicated Hosting

There are different types of hosting; public, shared, dedicated and hybrid. Public hosting is unsafe and less secure whereas with private hosting the clients get more options for safety and security. So experts believe that companies with important data should move to dedicated hosting as you will getter better security, more control over the tools and better monitoring options. Dedicated hosting also reduces any risks of attacks and system can be recovered immediately in case of attacks.

6. Enable Encryption Tools

Encryption is referred to as protecting important data of your cloud based medical software. Just take the example of how WhatsApp chats are encrypted, that means no other person can access them except the account holder. Encryption is a good way to improve the cloud security, prevent hacking attempts and secure the data.

7. Get Separate Cloud Services


It will be better if the companies can manage to get dedicated cloud service for important and sensitive company data while the user or customer data is available on public cloud. This can protect the company data even in better ways and ensures quick recovery if there is any attack.

8. Use Managed Hosting

With managed hosting, the users or clients have not to worry about anything. The host takes care of safety, security, monitoring, maintenance and everything. This is a far better option as you will secure you system and cloud service by spending just a few more dollars.


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