Everything You Should Know About Horos

Horos is one of the open-source and free DICOM viewers for Apple computers. The app has been adopted by thousands of users across the world. The users include clinician to academic researchers and patients to lawyers and those who like to know about their medical images.

If you want to become one of the Horos users, you have to download this DICOMDIR viewer online first. After that, it depends on you why you like to use the app. Now, the question is that what the most frequent uses of Horos are and what you should do in every instance.

Many people are using the app for their personal use. For example, patients and other people use Horos or MicroDICOM just to view their digital medical images. But, they don’t have to share the images with a referring doctor. Also, they don’t need to store the images for a long-term basis.

How to Install & Use Horos

You have to follow the downloading link to get it on your system. Once you have installed it successfully, you’re all set to view your personal or patients’ medical images. When you like to view your medical images, you have to insert the media like CD, DVD, or thumb drive that comes with them to your system.

Import your necessary study onto Horos and you can check it out whenever you have extra time. But, don’t forget to delete your medical images from your system that’s a very important thing.

It’s because you never should keep your confidential health data unprotected on your system for the security issues. So, when you have stored your images in a secure place then delete them right away.  

Professional Use

When it comes to professional settings, clinicians and some other related professionals use this app. It has some very complicated considerations like data security and compliance. As a professional, you have to decide how you’ll go with the app in your working area.

Also, you need to determine if this app is right for you from the perspective of compliance. You might be working with a healthcare system that has medical image viewers. So, you should be confident about your IT department has not any issue to use it.

While using this app in a clinical setting, it can make issues, particularly the issue involves the diagnostic capacity. Such as, the US radiologists use the FDA approved software to practice at the certified hospitals. But, many private practitioners across the world use Horos to view and study their patients’ medical images.

Final Thought

It’s constantly a good thing to discuss with your legal counsel if you’re in doubt about how your local laws are relevant to your personal situation. It may involve importing media using CD, DVD, thumb drive, or getting connected to your hospital PACS.

Also, you can get used to with the different capabilities accessible to you in this app. But, it’s very crucial to learn the processes to store and manage your patients’ medical images.


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