Since the web was so tiny, any negative influence was minimal. But the Internet is no longer a minor thing, and neither is its environmental influence. The typical website emits 211,000g of CO2 per year; watching a movie online emits an estimated 0.2g of CO2 every second.

And it’s sending a single email can cost up to 50g of CO2. In the next four years, the technology industry as a whole may consume up to 20% of the world’s power and contribute 5.5 percent of global CO2 emissions. Therefore, before you look for Long Island SEO firm, let’s know the ways.

Reduce Your Use of Energy

Optimizing your images is the single most effective way to minimize the size of your site. The quantity of data must transfer over the Internet to serve your site and the consequent speed. In this case, you can consult with a wordpress website specialist.

Nothing decreases a site’s footprint more than image optimization. TinyPNG, for example, makes it simple and free to reduce the size of JPGs and PNGs. Give WebP to every browser that will accept it. This will increase your Lighthouse score and CO2 use.

Loading Images Slowly

Graphics have lazy loaded when they have needed. If the user does not browse to the bottom of the page, they do not load, saving you CO2. Yes, JavaScript is fantastic. Yes, it can be beneficial to the user experience. And, yeah, it eats energy like its candy.

If JavaScript continues to run in the background, redrawing the screen based on user input — as with a parallax site – the web page consumes energy on the device. When a web page loads, it has finished, and the overall cost has calculated.

Be Open-Minded

The same problem that exists with automobiles also exists with electronic gadgets. Every time we hurry to support the next iPhone, we abandon prior generations. A gadget can and should use for more than two years. This is not to mean you should reject contemporary web standards.

CSS Grid is an effective technology for decreasing markup size and speeding up websites. CSS Grid has fully supported for over four years, and it can even use on “old” devices. If you can maintain a phone for six months longer, the environmental cost of that phone is lowered by 20%.

Assist Users in Making Sound Decisions

Even more, individuals are attempting to make wise decisions. We’re eating a more nutritious, well-balanced diet. We’re reusing clothing. Instead of driving, we’re taking the bike and walking. They look for firms to help them.

Anything you can do to make your content more discoverable will result in fewer page loads and, as a result, fewer resources consumed. You can assist consumers in locating material faster by optimizing your information architecture, search accuracy.

Don’t Get Rid of the Shipping Cost

Many eCommerce companies provide free delivery, significantly when an order exceeds a specific value. It’s an excellent strategy to stimulate more purchases. However, absorbing the freight cost implies that no shipping occurs.

By emphasizing the transportation expenses, even if they are not passed on to the client, you are reminding them that there is an environmental cost and a financial one.


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