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How Many Reusable Moving Boxes Do You Need? A Simple Calculator

Just input a few details about your move and get a custom recommendation on the number of small, medium, and large reusable moving boxes to rent or buy.

How many reusable moving boxes do you need for your upcoming move? Our handy calculator makes it easy to estimate. 

Just input a few details about your move and get a custom recommendation on the number of small, medium, and large reusable moving boxes to rent or buy.

My Story: From Moving Chaos to Peace of Mind

I remember the paralyzing feeling of staring at a sea of brown cardboard boxes the night before my big move. How did we accumulate so much stuff? Would it all fit? Did we have enough boxes?

Of course, the sheer volume wasn’t the only issue. Those flimsy free boxes from the grocery store didn’t hold up well. 

Before I knew it, heavy books and awkward kitchen gadgets were bursting out of the bottoms, contents spilling everywhere. What a mess!

Fortunately, that was my last stressful move. These days, I only use reusable moving boxes. The durable plastic withstands heavy loads and endless transporting. No more surprises!

I also have a secret weapon – my trusty moving box calculator. Just pop in a few details like house size and number of rooms, and out comes a custom recommendation for exactly how many small, medium, and large reusable moving boxes I’ll need.

No more guessing. No more chaos. Just convenient reusable boxes delivered straight to my door, perfectly sized, and in the ideal quantities for my move. Let me show you how it works!

Our Reusable Moving Box Calculator Makes Estimating Easy

First, take note of these key details about your move:

  • House size – total square footage
  • Number of bedrooms – and approximate size if vastly different
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Garage/basement – approximate square footage
  • Any major bulky items requiring large extra-large boxes

Next, enter those details into our easy online moving box calculator. You’ll instantly receive a custom recommendation for quantities of small, medium, and large reusable plastic moving boxes suited for your move.

reusable moving boxes

For example:

  • 2,000 sq ft house
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 2-car garage
  • No bulky special items

The calculator would recommend:

  • Small boxes: 26
  • Medium boxes: 18
  • Large boxes: 12
  • Extra-large boxes: 0

With the quantities tailored to your exact situation, you can conveniently order reusable moving boxes with total confidence. No more guessing games or last-minute shortages leading to moving day headaches!

More Moving Box Tips and Tricks

Beyond getting the right number of moving boxes, be sure to:

Use color-coded box labels

Boldly label boxes by room and contents category (e.g. “Master Bedroom Closet”) using colored markers. This keeps things organized as movers unload.

Have extra packing materials on hand

Don’t skimp on bubble wrap, tissue paper, and packing paper. Protecting fragile goods in ample cushioning prevents breakages or damage during transit.

Double up on small and medium boxes

Err on the side of extra small and medium boxes, as they fill up fast with odds and ends. Having extras means you can consolidate less-full boxes later. Large boxes often go unused.

Ready for a Smooth Move?

Stop staring blankly at growing piles of possessions and overflowing cardboard boxes. Our reusable moving box calculator takes the guesswork out of estimating exactly how many you need.

Order a customized supply today and check “figure out boxes” off your moving prep list! The moving day will go smoothly with durable reusable boxes protecting all your belongings.


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