We’ve all in that situation. We’re late for a crucial business meeting or formal occasion, and we grab for our shoes only to find them scuffed and dusty. Not to worry, a quick coat of shoe polish can bring them back to life, but – the horror!

You have run out! Fortunately, several ordinary objects work well for polishing shoes. And you may already have the majority of them in your kitchen or vanity cabinet at home. You’ve run out of shoe polish or want to limit the number of items in your house.

So, read on for our best advice on how to shine shoes without polish. Therefore, before you look for lace up shoes. Let’s know some tips on how to shine your shoes without polishing them.

Olive Oil & Lemon

Although numerous oils may shine on the best luxury men’s shoes or others, olive oil is typically the greatest moisturizer and shoe polish substitute. Sprinkle or spray a small amount onto your leather shoes, wait 5 minutes, then buff with a dry, soft cloth. To improve the shine, add a few drops of lemon juice.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is wonderful oil for shining shoes (though, as previously said, practically any form of plant-based oil would suffice). For a refined look, rub the coconut oil all over your shoes and then buff them off.

But, when you live in a cold region, avoid using this approach since coconut oil might clump in the cold and produce an unsightly white muck on your shoes that will be tough to remove!


If you’re like us, the last thing you’ll do before leaving the house is shine your shoes! When you’re out of shoe polish, one of our favorite options is to use the banana you had for breakfast.

What you have to do is rub the inside of a banana peel over your shoes and buff away the excess for smart, sparkling shoes that no one would guess were polished with rubbish!

Alcohol to Rub

A small amount of rubbing alcohol, softly applied to your shoes, may do wonders for the sheen and general appearance of your leather shoes. Just remember to try it first on a small area and let it dry before polishing.

Oregano Leaves

Not the crisped herbs you keep in your herb cupboard. Fresh oregano leaves may be used to produce a fantastic shoe polish containing anti-bacterial and anti-fungal compounds. They keep your shoes looking and smelling better for a longer period.

Gel for Hair

You’re concerned about gleaming shoes. So, we’ll assume you have a bottle of hair gel stashed someplace in your decorative cabinet! Don’t be evasive.

Your shoes are looking a bit dull. Use this to your advantage by applying a little hair gel to the shoes. It’s before wiping with a clean, soft cloth for a bright shine.


Beeswax is an element in some of the earliest types of shoe polish. So, we’re very sure it’ll still work today! Soften the wax and apply it to the shoes, rubbing with a soft cloth before polishing for a gleaming new look. The wax will also condition the leather, making it a two-in-one product!


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