Revealing Digital Marketing Stats That Show the Power of Digital Marketing

Here are some stats to show you how important it is to focus on your digital marketing tactics.

1. SEO Statistics 2018

Around 72% of marketers say that staying relevant is one of the biggest factors for better content. So, work on the relevancy of the content as you are moving towards 2019. According to data almost 18% of local searches lead to make a sale within the time of a day. 90% of data searchers did not made their mind about buying a specific product or service before starting searching. It is a huge percentage to let you put push yourself to dive a bit deeper in order to get maximum out of digital marketing.

2. Increase in Blog Traffic Due to Better Content

As you know SEO content is one of the strongest pillars to increase the traffic of a website. According to Theme Isle, traffic of a website can be increased by up to 2000 percent by using a better content strategy. Informative and high-quality content draws the attention of the visitors to stay longer on your website. So, you can also increase the traffic by using this technique.

3. Security

According to Modern Techno lab, the visitors abandon a purchase deal on a website which is unsecured. Google label the websites which are without https as not secure. On safer side it is better for you to get an SSL certificate so that Google does not mark your website as unsecure. In addition, visitor’s that can be your potential clients will definitely think twice prior to giving you any kind of information personal information.

4. SEO – The Biggest Priority of Companies

According to the Digital Strategy Consulting, 61 percent companies focused on increasing the traffic and how to make your marketing struggle fruitful. 61% is a huge number to believe that effective marketing should be your top priority for next year if you have not focused on Search Engine Optimization this year. Search a full service performance based SEO services company to stay on the top.

5. Invest in Social Media Marketing

According to Jigsaw Recruitment, 81% of marketers assume that high traffic occurs when you invest at least 6 hours per week in social media marketing. According to the Source Global Research, the average attention span of a visitor is 8 seconds in 2018. Span is getting shorter each year so you have as little as 12 seconds to attract your client to stay on the page and think about your product or service.

6. Facebook Ads

According to e-Consultancy, spending on Facebook ads increased by 62% this year. A as the user base of Facebook continuous to grow using this platform to market your product or service can effectively impact the sales process.

7. Instagram Influencer Marketing to Reach $2 Billion y 2019

Yes, you have read it correctly. According to, influencer marketing on Instagram has potential to reach $2 billion by 2019. Having more active users’ day by day, Instagram has a lot to offer you when it comes to market your product or service digitally. Allow a full service best SEO services company to help you grow.


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