In San Francisco, several restrictions and regulations govern the usage of drones. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some fantastic areas to fly them. You can easily travel to these locations and take photos of some of the top sights in and around the city.

To avoid any confusion, we previously stated that drones have not permitted in public parks without permission. This list includes several parks.

However, they have located far enough away from the city center not to consider city parks. Therefore, before you look for an aerial surveying drone, let’s know the places.

Public Park

In San Francisco, Public Park has located between Piers 35 and 39. This is a little patch of grass known as Public Park. With a marina just in front of it, it is the most fantastic area to observe boats.

The Oakland Bay Bridge and other islands may also see from Public Park. Launch your drone from here to capture images and movies of some of San Francisco’s most renowned skylines.

Blue Park

Blue Park has located in the San Francisco Bay region, near Yerba Buena Island. The island has also connected to Treasure Island, which has created by the American government in 1936.

You can admire the gorgeous skyline of the city and the surrounding Bay area from here. In this park, you can see the Golden Gate Bridge as well as a panoramic view of the bay region, offering you the finest of everything.

Blue Park is a fantastic site to fly since you can view both the Golden Gate Bridge and the Oakland Bay Bridge simultaneously. Because flying your drone near the Golden Gate Bridge has restricted, you should take advantage of the close vicinity to this area if you wish to shoot the Bridge.

Richardson AMA Field

The PCC flying club owns and operates this model airport in Half Moon Bay, California. It’s right across the street from the Pacific Ocean’s coastlines. Always check the weather forecast before going since the closeness to the seashore may make weather conditions unpredictable.

There is also a large runway on the field, bordered by an ample open space. In this position, you may also utilize your drone to photograph a variety of ocean vistas like as drone aerial mapping.

Empowerment Park

This park has located in Oakland, California, on the eastern shore of Lake Merritt. It has located just outside of San Francisco and has some of the most excellent lake views.

Empowerment Park is a historical monument known for its 126 light pillars. They hold 3400 light bulbs aloft to form a beautiful necklace that wraps around the park.

This park also has several islands that act as wildlife reserves. Throughout the year, you may observe various bird species from here. So, when flying your drone in this area, keep a watch out for birds.

Cesar E. Chavez Park

The park encompasses 90 acres and extends from San Francisco Bay into Berkeley. You can obtain the best views and footage of San Francisco’s three renowned bridges in this park.

Because the San Francisco skyline can see in the distance, you may also obtain the greatest backdrop films and images from here.


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