Removing junk is not an easy task. It requires hard work, patience, training, and last but not least a good truck. You need to know which type of truck to use when you want to remove junk. There are some very good options but before you buy one, you should know which one to use for what. We are going to write about the best 4 types of junk removal trucks that are very popular, useful, and used by the best junk and furniture removal NYC.

Box Trucks

A box truck usually ranges in size between 25 to 45 cubic yards, and the big ones can be more than 80 cubic yards. If you want to clean out a house, e.g. appliances, furniture, living room, kitchen sets, you will need one to two box trucks depending on the things you will have to move. A box truck is handy when it comes to removing junk from a rural area because you won’t find a landfill nearby, and so it’s better to get as much as you can in one truckload.

A box truck usually carries twice as much as a dump truck. A disadvantage of using a box truck is small debris. It’s quite hard to clear a basement or garage using a box truck. As there are small items in the garage or basement, they slide down. This is why a box truck is best suited to remove furniture or house junk.

Dump Trucks

A dump truck is useful to remove junk in a city. Since dump trucks are smaller in size than box trucks, they carry less and it’s not a problem to find a disposal area nearby in a city so it’s a good option to use a dump truck. A dump truck usually carries 15 cubic yards. Best junk removal service Long Island use dump trucks.

Pickup Truck

Pickup trucks are usually called a cheap method for junk removal since lots of people already have pickup trucks and there are low barriers to make pickup trucks enter into the junk removal business. An advantage of using pickup trucks is that they’re cheaper, and a disadvantage is that they’re very small in size and can usually hold no more than 4 cubic yards of debris.

Dump Trailer

Dump trailers are the least popular in our list but they’re the most flexible option more often than not. Dump trailers can hold 12 to 40 yards of items and they’re quite versatile. They can also hold a big amount of weight. Dump trailers are best used for concrete removal, debris cleanup, and demolition cleanup. A disadvantage of dump trailers is that since they’re big in size, they often cannot fit into tight places.


If you want to buy a truck for junk removal, or want to open a service, it’s best to know what type of junk you will remove and buy trucks accordingly. If you want to remove a large pile of junk, consider the bigger options, otherwise the small ones will do.


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