Tips to Shop the Safest Engagement Ring for Your Fiancé

We advise gentlemen to buy a ring with the fiancé. We know some people want to keep it surprise. Above all, the ring you choose is a symbol of your love. It should be gorgeous and trendy. After that, your fiancé will love the ring.

That is why we are here to help you. We have selected a few styles that 99% of women appreciate very positively. All the styles are very trendy and lovely as well.

You can start your rough mission to depend on us. We offer our highest 5 suggestions for you. No matter what jewelry design services you’re going after, but the below mentioned information is very essential for you.

Ellina, Classic Solitaire Ring

A round cut ring is one of the most popular cuts for an engagement ring which is the basis of a solitaire ring. The solitaire engagement ring has 6 claws settings at the same time it has a smooth knife edge band that shows the perfect center diamond. You can also jack up to match the wedding band. In short, this is a favorite style for all the time.

Elin, Modern Classic

You don’t like solitaire ring or eternity band at the same time you want a special ring so Elin is your best option. It is more trendy and gorgeous than classic solitaire design except using top color and clarity. In short, Elin gives you a chance to focus on the overall design for easily. Therefore, it is the best choice.

Leila, The Halo

All over the world Halo ring is easy to inaccuracy for a trend.  The Halo ring is famous for the last ten years. The Leila eco-conscious engagement ring has enhanced by a glittering band of lab-grown diamonds.

Your ethical lab-grown center stone needs to elevate and support by four prongs in a split-shank design. As a 10th generation jewelers, we make shopping for an engagement ring. Though the Halo of diamonds all over the center stone can recognize extend the main diamond.

It has used constantly as an intonation feature. This is a very stylish feature that most people like it. It originates a new modern engagement ring design over the past few years. Now a day you can closely pursue to find a design that influences by the halo concept.

Arora, The Trinity Design

A set of three diamonds represent the trinity design. The clarified theme represents the focal point of the engagement ring by trinity design. Conventionally epitomize to a single larger diamond enhance in the middle.

To a certain extent, two smaller diamonds set attached to it.  Certainly, it is a charming and evergreen choice. Three large diamonds for settings make you cost a bit more than others.

Bea, The Split-Shank

People ask for the split-shank design over the past few years though it is a more difficult design. The design can be infinitely customized to cater for any shape as well as Bea works strikingly with a range of diamond sizes. It is a very safe and ordinary choice for you to work with custom jewelry design.


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