This message is for those of you who are contemplating or have previously contemplated quitting. It has inspired by a recent chat I had with one of our Drop Ship Lifestyle members.

This member is having some success and making some sales. They did, however, tell me that they have prepared to scrap their present drop shipping store and start over completely.

They are willing to abandon their existing specialty and attempt something completely different. Now, the crucial advice I gave him is what I want to share with you in this article. Therefore, before you look for a dropshipping website builder, let’s begin!

What’s This That Makes You Want To Give Up?

Once customers tell me they want to give up on constructing their ideal eCommerce business, this is usually because they’re having trouble with one issue. The things don’t always appear immediately away.

People may be creating their dropshipping shop and have invested a month or two of their time once they encounter a stumbling block that makes them want to give up. You put so much passion and excitement into starting a drop ship shop so that people who want to buy a dropshipping website would like to come to your shop. But when it doesn’t start to pay off, you feel like quitting up.

Consider This Before You Give Up

When you’re at the point when you want to give up and abandon your dropshipping goals, do this. Just jot down what you’ve done thus far on a piece of paper, in your Apple Notes, or elsewhere.

Once you make your list, you’ll realize how much time, effort, and energy you’ve invested into your shop. What matters is that you optimize and test what works and what doesn’t. So, for most individuals, the worst time to quit up is after they’ve done everything.

Don’t Get Caught In a Mental Quagmire

Its okay if your perspective has altered and you’re feeling frightened or scared. This is natural. Unfortunately, not pushing through these sensations is also natural. So get over it. Don’t get caught in a mental dilemma.

Get over it. Push yourself through it. Assume you cannot obtain approval from any vendors and wish to give up. Again, if you followed the Blueprint, you should have at least 20 vendors to contact.

Make That Happen, And Work with What You’ve Got

Do your best with what you have and where you are. This is a quote from Theodore Roosevelt that I like. Essentially, it means to make the most of your resources and what you have on hand. This is what business owners do. Use the best of what you have, and it will grow with time.

Giving It Up Is Never an Option

Another issue folks may be experiencing. This was one of the talks I mentioned earlier with the member. He claimed that he’s been getting traffic and sales, but not as many as he expected.

So I went in, logged into his Google Analytics account, and examined his traffic. In 30 days, he received around 800 unique visits to his website.


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