What Should You Look For In A Baby Skincare Item?

What Should You Look For In A Baby Skincare Item?

When it comes to loving and caring for your baby’s skin, there are a plethora of options available, ranging from oils and balms to traditional baby lotions. It may take some trial and error to figure out which ones are the best baby personal care products but knowing what other parents like may help you limit down your options. 

On skincare and body products, you’ll notice labels and promises, many of which don’t mean anything (“natural,” for example, is an unregulated phrase). Ultimately, your buying decision should be based on your own preferences as well as the skin type of your kid. Here are a few more things to think about:

#1. Fragrance

Many parents choose fragrance-free formulas for their infants, fearing that a product’s smell might provoke allergic responses. This is true in some instances, yet many mild infant products have pleasant scents that may enhance the user experience. This selection is based on your child’s skin sensitivity. If you’re unsure, try a small area first.0

#2. Application

Some infant moisturizers come in compact tubes for travel, some in tubs, and yet others with a pump-action dispenser for fast and simple application. Consider which option is best for you.

#3. Packaging

Suppose you have an older infant or toddler. In that case, they’ll be curious about all the bottles, like lotions and potions you have near the changing table, and they will want to play with that! So, packaging with faces or bright colors may appeal to them and simplify the work.

#4. Is It Vegetarian or Vegan?

Vegan-friendly products will have a “certified vegan” emblem on their packaging. Animal-derived goods such as honey, lanolin, and beeswax will be absent.

#5. Is It Allergy-Friendly?

Ingredients that are less likely to produce an allergic response are often used in hypoallergenic goods. However, these are merely guidelines, not hard and fast laws, and no company can guarantee that a product will not produce an allergic response.

#6. Is It Cruelty-Free/Non-Animal Tested?

Cosmetics testing on animals has been prohibited in the UK and EU since 2009. However, since specific substances may have been tested on animals before this date, in other countries, or for other reasons, this is a complicated matter. Look for the jumping bunny badge to identify items that go above and above in terms of being cruelty-free.

Is It Okay to Use Baby Lotions & Creams on Newborns?

While applying a lotion or cream to your child’s skin is a fun part of bath time – and a vital part of their daily routine if they have dry skin or a disease like eczema or psoriasis – you don’t have to start right away. Because newborns’ skin is so fragile, the NHS recommends bathing them in plain water without lotions or creams for the first several weeks. Once they’re a month old, you may start using a lotion or cream on them. And don’t forget to buy only the best baby personal care products