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Which Nations Are Most Desperate for Digital Marketers?

This article takes a look at the countries that are most in need of digital marketers, based on factors like e-commerce growth and marketing spending.

It is no secret that the digital world is taking over. In developed countries, businesses have been quick to adapt to the changing landscape and have invested in digital marketing. 

However, in many developing countries, businesses are still relying on traditional marketing methods. This is starting to change, but there is still a big gap between the two.

In this article, we’ll talk about which nations are most desperate for digital marketers, according to the data provided by the best digital marketing services companies.

Which Nations Are Most in Need of People with Skills in Digital Marketing?

What nations are therefore in greatest need of digital marketers internationally, and why are some countries more in need than others?

1. Australian Digital Marketing Skills

According to a 2021 study by RMIT University, 156,000 new technology professionals are required to keep up with the digital transformation, and 87 percent of jobs in Australia now need digital skills. 

Following the crisis, one-third of Australian professionals felt their jobs had changed, and one in four said they could not carry out their daily tasks.

2. Canada Digital Marketing Skills

Canadian businesses are having trouble finding people with digital skills, according to a KPMG survey. The speed of technology and automation as a result of Covid has made this more challenging. 

As stated by Armughan Ahmad, President & Managing Partner of Digital at KPMG, Canada, “While the virus offered a drive for many businesses to speed their digital goals, competition for digitally-skilled people has made achieving these strategies more challenging.”

best digital marketing services
best digital marketing services

3. India Digital Marketing Skill

According to a study carried out in India by Amazon Web Services, to keep up with demand and technological improvements, the country’s workforce would need to grow nine times by 2025. Only 12% of India’s workforce is now digitally savvy, so upgrading your skills is essential if you want to work in marketing.

4. The United Kingdom Digital Marketing Skill

Digital skills, according to experts in the UK, are essential for the economy’s recovery from the crisis. Similar to Ireland, half of UK companies say that graduates and recent graduates need the advanced digital skills required to succeed in the work, and 76 percent believe that this would negatively affect their bottom line.

5. The United States Digital Marketing Skill

The US is at the top of digital change and advancement as one of the most digitally competitive nations in the world. To stay up with technology changes, American businesses must hire marketers with digital abilities, both generalists and specialists.

Salary Rates for Digital Marketers Worldwide

As you can see, there is a significant need for digital marketers throughout the globe, although typical earnings might differ significantly between nations. An expert in digital marketing typically earns an annual salary of:


In conclusion, there is a great demand for digital marketers around the globe. While some nations may be more desperate for these professionals than others, the overall need for these skills is high. 

With the right training and experience, digital marketers can find success and provide the best digital marketing services to grow businesses in any country.