All companies are increasingly relying on multi-party web video conferencing. It is now used extensively as a vital collaboration tool to support team meetings, client calls, product demonstrations, and more.

So, what should you look for in a service or software for group video calling? Although the answer may differ from one company to the next, there are vital things that you should not overlook.

Here are the must-haves to enhance your experience.

#1. Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is probably more important for organization video callings than the video itself! You’ll save time if you can show colleagues what’s on your screen instead of having to explain what you’re seeing.

You should be able to share more than one tab at the same time, ideally. But, unfortunately, some providers limit access to that function to expensive plans.

#2. Text Chatting

The foundation of any conferencing program is video, audio, and text. Text chat is equally as crucial as audio and video chat because it enables you to write down notes while in your virtual conference room. You should even be able to send links to others right away.

#3. Recording

Call recording is an essential feature for webinars, training, and other conferences. Unfortunately, even some of the biggest player in the market, like Google Meet, don’t provide this feature. Choose a web conferencing platform that provides this essential feature to your plan. Third-party programs aren’t safe to use.

#4. Store Files

If you own a small company, you already know how important it is to keep operating expenses low. You won’t have to pay extra for premium cloud solutions like G Suite or Dropbox if you use a video conferencing program that includes file storage.

Aside from the economic advantages of having file storage, it’s also handier since it’ll be simpler to exchange reports during your meetings if they’re kept on your provider’s servers.

#5. Free Trial

You shouldn’t pay for video calling for essential feature only. There are numerous alternatives for connecting your team members, customers, and business partners using free video calling for small to medium-sized enterprises.

Only invest in a premium plan if you need hours of video calling or service for hundreds or thousands of people. It’s also worth paying a premium for recording features. But make sure it has a free trial before you take on the premium service to check if it’s worth it.

#6. Mobile Apps

Choosing a video conferencing program with mobile applications for iOS and Android smartphones puts basic collaboration capabilities easier and available for everyone.

Being productive while on the road is critical in today’s fast-paced corporate world. Video conferencing applications provide users with the option to organize a conference with their team when stuck in traffic, on a plane, or amid a business trip across the world.

Look Past the User Interface When Using Video Conferencing

Look-Past-the-User-Interface-When-Using-Video-Conferencing-on-CoreInfluencerThere’s more to video conferencing than flashy UI and elegant looks. To choose which platform is best for your company, you must examine the content of each platform. A platform’s features tell you all you need to know about it.

A free video calling account may be adequate for your company, depending on your planned use cases. However, you may wish to seek a more complete service with premium plans if you’re searching for a more trustworthy platform with sophisticated capabilities.

In any case, before committing to a group video calling service, be sure to check out all of its features. You want to know that video conferencing will be a positive experience for your team and your business connections.


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