You may already know what is medical imaging science but we are positive that you may not have read or heard these amazing and fun facts about medical imaging and radiology. This post is going to stun you with some interesting facts.

1. It is Around for a Long Time

The medical imaging started with X-rays which were developed in the 19th century around 1895. This shows that the medical imaging has quite a long history and it has been around for a very long time. It has helped to improve the standard of diagnosis and treatment for the patients.

2. Helped Unlock Secrets of DNA

It was the 1950s when a group of scientists were able to see the double-helix structure of DNA. The scientists had used x-rays for this purpose. The interesting fact is that the scientist with major contribution in this regard died before he could receive a Nobel Prize. 

3. Improved Medical Treatments

In the beginning, the discovery of x-rays contributed a lot to the medical profession. Even it influenced the medical treatment all over the world. In the beginning, x-rays were used to destroy moles and later on they were used for treatment of cancer. Many other beams are used for treatment purposes.

4. X-Rays is the Oldest Type of Medical Imaging

Many of you may not know about the history and how the medical imaging started. Reports reveal that x-rays were the first to be used in medical imaging. It was the beginning which helped the doctors as well as patients in a number of ways.

5. Edison was Afraid of X-Rays

Thomas Edison had worked on an x-ray bulb. He cancelled the program but one of his team members continued working on and died after he developed cancer due to radiation. Another team member had skin problems because of x-rays. After that, Edison stopped talking about x-rays and he revealed he was afraid of it.

6. Medical Imaging in First World War

Not many people have the idea that medical imaging was also used during the First World War for treatment of the soldiers and people were injured. Marie Curie developed mobile radiography units, which came in handy in this regard and saved many lives.

7. Nuns Were Radiologists

This is very interesting to know that by 1937, more than 37% radiologists were nuns. People believe nuns could treat the patients in better and more effective ways so they developed these skills.

8. First Use of Ultrasound

Ultrasound is also a type of medical imaging and it uses high frequency sounds. It is reported that it was 1956 when the first ultrasound was used. This was the beginning of the ultrasound in medical imaging

9. Brain-Scan Through CT

Almost 50 years ago in 1971, the first CT was used for brain-scan. And today, there are more than 70 million CT every year. Diseases have become so common and the use of medical imaging has become common.


For medical professionals, what is medical imaging science and how does medical imaging work is easy, we all know that, but the above facts are something that a few would be new to. Let us know what you think about them.


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