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How to Determine the Correct Shape for Your Snowboard?

Though it’s a matter of sorrow the truth is even most of the snowboarders these days don’t really figure out the shape of the snowboard properly. And this article has mainly been creating in order to educate them for this purpose. Therefore keep reading to know more in details.

However, before move on to the main steps, there are few things that you should generally know either as a beginner or intermediate or expert snowboarder. First of all, you cannot buy a snowboard simply without making any type of calculation. In order to buy a snowboard at first, you need to have knowledge about your expertise and style of riding. Because these two are the main factors for determining the right snowboard for you. And as soon as you are done with figuring out these two things, then you can focus on determining the right shape for the snowboard you want to purchase according to your own type of riding style. Hope this is clear.

So when it comes to snowboard shapes, you will find four different kinds of shapes. The first one is the twin, the second one is directional, the third one is twin directional and last but not the least is tapered. So basically these are four types of snowboard shapes. Let’s talk about one by one.

  • So when you look at a twin board, you will surely find it symmetrical on every single end of the snowboard, which indicates that the tail, as well as the nose, are the exact similar width and length. Basically, twin boards are such type of borders which are actually made for two types of riders. The first one is beginners and the second one is freestyle riders. And most importantly this board is also pretty perfect for the kids. Hope this is clear.
  • So when it comes to the directional board, it’s mainly for one – way use with a wider as well as longer nose when compared with its tail. This board is widely used by the freerides.
  • If you are looking for the more extreme versions of the directional board with used snowboard bindings, then it’s the tapered board where the nose of this board is much wider when compared with the tail of this board in order to provide the snowboard with a lot more float in powder. Tapered boards are generally designed for the powder riding.
  • Last but not least is the twin directional boards where it’s a combination of both the directional and twin boards. This board has been designed for the all mountain freestyle riders since they give stability at greater speeds.

So to sum up, these are few of the shapes of snowboard that you might have to consider when you’re going to buy one for you. Used burton snowboards for sale can offer you with the similar types of boards mentioned in the above. Thanks for having a look and hope this article will assist you in many different ways.


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