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How to Make Repeat Customers for Your Catering Business?

Repeat customers are the backbone of any business. Let’s find out how to keep them with you.

  1. Make Your Customers Feel Happy

When it comes to the catering business, you really need to make sure your customers are all satisfied and happy with your services and food. Retaining customers for a long time is kind of achievement when the growth of your catering business is in near future. So, follow their satisfaction just like you follow your dreams to make them happen true. Treat them in a good manner and most importantly try to remember their names. This way you can easily convince your clients that they are important enough to be remembered and hence they will definitely come back to you again.

  1. Customer Feedback Form

Well, this can really be helpful for retaining your customers. Always make your customers fill your feedback form after they are done using your services. Also, some people are really busy that they don’t find it important to fill the form and this is where you need to show your work on e-commerce restaurants with event catering software. Just send them automated feedback forms online and keep a follow up for those forms. If they are filled then acknowledge them and always respond if there comes any complain. On the other hand, if they are not filled then give them a call or two so that they can realize how important your customer feedbacks are for you.

  1. Offer Discount Coupons or Loyalty Programs

You can show your consideration towards your customers by offering them discount coupons or loyalty programs. This is the most useful technique to retain your customers as they know that they are being treated in a special way just because they are your regular customers. This will also make them feel important and your chances of getting them to come back to you again will be higher then. You can also send them online notifications for such offers through your ecommerce restaurant facility and your customers will be happier than to receive such offers while staying at home.

  1. Train Your Staff

You need to give extensive pieces of training to your staff members regarding food and customer dealings. When you own a catering business, you are probably very busy with so many activities that you cannot entertain every individual for their normal queries of food. So you need to make sure your staff is trained to enough to deal customers in a friendly way so as to retain them for a longer period. Especially the front-line staff must be well educated and possess the polite and kind person to assure maximum possible customer retention.

  1. Be Consistent

Well, when customers visit you more than one time then they are obviously expecting the same food and same hospitality which they received on their first visit. Make sure to maintain consistency in your food and services as this will convince them to visit you again and again. This is a very critical factor which is usually responsible to lose customers very frequently if they don’t get the same level of the environment on their other visits.


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