Tips to Prevent Blockage in Commercial Drains

Blockages of home drains happen that is a very daunting task to resolve. These issues happen despite being very conscious and you’re living with them. Also, just a definite amount of people is using an average home building drainage system. But, hundreds of people are using a commercial premise daily basis.

When it comes to the commercial facilities, there is grease the pours down café kitchen sinks and children’s clutters go down through the daycare drains. Moreover, the salons wash hair, people throw cigarette buts at the bar.

Thus the entire scenery of commercial drains is horrible. This is why it’s very important to know the ways of preventing the possible blockages in your commercial drains using the Australian made drainage products.

Educate Employees & Guests

It’s a good thing to see that people of your commercial facility have educated to give their action figure or doll a bath in their bathroom like a kid. But, this is always not the issue. So, it’s very essential to teach again or remind your employees throughout signage what they should put and where they should do it.

Regarding the bathrooms, remind them that they just should flush toilet paper. They should throw other hygiene items and hand towels in the easily available canisters. About the kitchens, remind them that they should not dispose of grease that builds up and block drains.

Flush The Drains Frequently

It’s a key to keep maintaining the drains. Many commercial units wait and find it’s too late to take the proper action. When performing as per need, regular flushes along with commercial-grade chemicals drain cleaner might prevent the alarming backup.

Professionals of drainage systems advice to perform it one time a week for the commercial facilities. Don’t forget to check the stoppers of drains and clean them accordingly. It’s because unnecessary gunk accumulates there that can work as the channel for the issues.

Use DIY Methods

When you experienced a clog previously, it needs to unblock as it’s a problem right now. What you can do to resolve it is that use liquid cleaners for cleaning drains. As the chemicals are strong enough to damage your drains, we suggest using some environmentally-friendly drain cleaners.

While using these enzymatic cleaners, their clog-eating elements clear your drain’s blockage. Even you can try using simple baking soda that sometimes works nice. When these steps are useless, you should try out a plunger. You’ll find standard plungers for bathroom cleaning that you can use to clogs of sinks, toilets, and even your floor drains. 

Bottom Line

Apart from the above-said methods, you also can use drain auger or snake. It’s a long and flexible metal-made tube that needs to enter into the pipe to clean out clogs. Also, you can use air pressure that’s available in the home renovation stores.

It also works like a needle, but it’s stronger than that to unclog the blockages. However, you should not make a higher pressure that’s not endurable by your pipes used in the drainage system.


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