What You Should Know About No-Stress Imaging

You’ll find there a measure of stress you feel when getting in for some specific tests when any of you is unwell and needs some type of imaging. These include an x-ray, CT scan, ultrasound or MRI as well as their storing option and DICOM viewer free online. The worry and fear surrounding the causes for the tests previously have you under duress for you to need imaging in any way. Also, it’s the fear that we’re talking about is unknown and what these tests get felt like frequently has people the most worried. If you appreciate what to expect during body imaging tests then you can calm down more and with any luck feel relaxed. Finally, you’ll find a time to wait as the test results are examined when the tests are completed and you get the result accordingly.

Now, let’s know about some of the most common body imaging scans along with how they get done.



You’ll be asked to take out all jewelry and change into a hospital gown before you go to the MRI. Using a magnetic field to create a picture of inside your body, the real MRI machine is a big cylindrical tube. As the test needs about 45 minutes, so you’ll have to lie during this time. Because it’s the noise of the magnets moving inside it, you’ll hear the very loud banging of knocking within the machine. Don’t get frightened because these noises are normal. In this case, you will get headphones or earplugs with music for your ease to make softer the power of the sound. To get helped the picture to be much clear in some body parts, some MRI tests need contrast administered into the veins.

CT Scan


When it comes to a CT scan machine, it looks like a giant donut or ring with a hole in the middle that has a bed. Also, you’ll be needed intravenous contrast to see areas more visibly like the MRI. And you may experience a warm sensation and a comical taste in your mouth when the contrast goes to your bloodstream. After that, you’ll lie on the bed while the ring starts moving around you. When you’ll be asked to hold your breath, there may be a period and it takes 10 to 20 minutes to complete the entire process.



You’ll be asked to take out clothing and jewelry to put on a dress during an x-ray that depends on what is being x-rayed. Then you’ll stand in front of the x-ray machine and using different positions if it’s your chest and they’ll take pictures digitally. In order to avoid needless radiation exposure, you’ll be given a lead guard to wear on other body parts. In the process of X-ray, the machine needs a little amount of the ray, but that’s nothing to be worried as this amount is not harmful to your health. As a result, if you appreciate what to expect during body imaging tests using cloud based medical software then you can calm down more and with any luck feel relaxed.


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