8 Cool and Interesting JPG Facts

1. JPEG is the Proper Spelling

There are serious myths and misconceptions about JPG among the masses. JPG is a short and commonly used name. However, JPEG is the full name for this format. The interesting point is it has been named after the organization which developed this format. JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. It will be something new for many readers.

2. They Don’t Lose Quality Over Time

It is believed that JPG images lose quality over time. But this seems to be not true. The experts opine that this image format doesn’t reduce the quality of the images if saved for a long time. Even if you copy and paste the images. It will also be the same quality if you change the format to JPG. However, it should be noted some editors or apps automatically compress the files. This reduces the size and the image quality become poorer.

3. They Require More Processing Power

Here comes another interesting fact about JPG. It says that JPG files take more processing power to display the images. For example, if you save a GIF and another JPG with the same size, then JPG will take more time to show the image. This is so in GIFs because the file doesn’t require much processing power whereas JPG files do need that power. For this reason, they take more time to open.

4. Not Suitable for Every Purpose

It is also important to understand how and where JPG format is suitable and where it should not be used. Experts reveal JPG format is the best for large files. They believe this format should be used where the file size is an important point. However, for smaller images, screenshots, images with texts- JPG is not just the best option. Furthermore, the images that will be often edited should not be saved in JPG format.

5. Not Best for Long Term Archival

This may be sad for some users to find out that JPG images are not the best when it comes to retaining them for longer time periods. The reason is that every time when the file is opened or edited, it loses its quality. If this happens over time, the JPG images will not have the same or original quality. That is why images that need to be stored for years should not be saved in this format.

6. Windows Let’s You Convert JPG to PDF

You just need to open the file with Photos. Click print and select Microsoft Print to PDF. Click print and it’s done. There are also many JPG to PDF converter free third party software and also online tools that can do it efficiently.

It’s difficult to choose the right JPG to PDF converter online free, so research and see reviews of customers and website. There are websites out there too which review different software and tools.

6. They Support Transparency

We see a lot of images every single day. It is hard to figure out which image is the combination of two and which is original unless we have seen the original view. When it comes to editing images, JPG is considered a better format because it supports transparency.

7. 30% JPG Images on the Web

Here we have a very interesting fact about the JPG format. More than 30% of images used on the web are in this format. No matter where you go, you will find JPG a common format for the images. It is better than another format so it is more popular.


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