Move-in House Cleaning Checklist

1. Deeply Clean the House Before Unpacking

As you arrive in your new house, instead of unpacking everything and creating a mess, make sure to clean every inch of the house properly and make it ready for the setup. In such situations, people usually get stressed out about where should they start from. Well, here is how you can clean your house properly in move in move out cleaning:

Kitchen: In the kitchen, start with cleaning the dust off cabinets, drawers, countertops, hood, walls and corners. Once dusting has been done, use surface cleaners to clean the remaining dust particles. Also, don’t forget to use the disinfectant spray on these things. Now comes the time for cleaning the appliances; deeply clean the stove by removing all its parts and wash them, if we talk about refrigerator, cleaning it is important to erase the unpleasant smell, spills and stains, exhaust hood can be cleaned by using a damp soft cloth from the outside whereas inner maintenance can only be done by the experts, lastly, if there is a dishwasher then you need to clean it well too which can easily be done by pouring some white vinegar into it and running it just once.

Bedroom: In the bedrooms, you would need to clean the walls and disinfect the doorknobs and window locks. Also, check the socket plates if they have dirty fingerprints and if there are then wipe them with a soft damp cloth. Sweep the floor correctly using anti-bacterial surface cleaners.

Bathroom: The bathroom should be very clean otherwise it is not comfortable enough to be used. Scrub the sink, bathtub and toilets with cleaners and sweep the floor to drain the dirt away.

2. Floor Cleaning

When going towards floors for move in move out cleaning, you can do some efforts yourself if there are tiles or wood floor in the house as it is cleaned pretty easily. All you would need to do is buy a surface cleaner which is suitable for the type of flooring you have and mop it properly all around the house. However, if the house is carpeted then steam cleaning is usually preferred. You can call the experts over for this purpose as they do this job excellently.

3. Unpack One Box at a Time

The mess is normally created when you get excited and unpack all the boxes together which then becomes difficult for you to clean. So, make sure you label the cartons before while packing so that it gets easier to unpack. Take the box to the room where it belongs and unpack one at a time.

4. Clean the Items as You Unpack Them

It is possible that some dust is brought into the house along with your items and boxes. Therefore, as soon as you start taking out things from the cartons, wipe them off and then put it at its destined place.

5. Hire Professionals

If you cannot handle the hassle of move in cleaning service near me, then pros are there to help. You can hire them, and they’ll clean the house perfectly and even set the furniture in your house, all you have to do is just guide them, so everything goes according to you.


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