lifespan of Different Household Appliances

1. Carpet (10 Years)

A good carpet is most likely to work for about a decade or a few years more but after that, it will start to decay. Around 5-7 years after you have had a carpet installed, it will start showing signs of wearing off and from that point, you might think that the carpet is in its endgame now. To prolong the carpet and use it to its limits, you must have it vacuumed, and steam cleaned every week so that it fulfills its lifespan.

2. Washing Machine (10-14 Years)

An electronic machine is quite difficult to pin down when it’s going to breakdown for good. A washing machine is no exception and it can even be used for 20 years if you have been treating it well. Most of the time, it depends on the usage of the washing machine which means excess usage may result in regular breakdowns and a shorter lifespan. However, an average washing machine lasts for around 10-14 years before it breaks down completely.

3. Toasters (8 Years)

Another machinery that can, in general, and on usual usage, last up to seven or eight years depending upon its quality and usage. However, some appliances that have a warranty of a year or so but they break down before maybe a defected piece and wouldn’t be counted as an actual lifespan but after seven years, you must consider getting a new toaster.

4. Faucets (15 Years)

Faucets and taps are regularly used in your home and with proper care and cleaning of the drainage systems, they can last for up to 15 to 20 years with minor repairs in between this time.

5. Refrigerators (15-20 Years)

A bigger machine like a refrigerator has much larger lifespan because of its nature. The quality of the refrigerator also comes into play on how it will perform and how long will it last. The refrigerator warranties are of at least 10 years, but they work for an additional 5-7 years before breaking down for good. As with any other machine, the harder the refrigerator works, the faster it fills degenerate and fails to live up to expected lifespan. An optimal refrigerator will work for 15-20 years with ease.

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6. Microwave (9 Years)

A normal lifespan of a microwave is nine years which is very reasonable considering the kind of machine it is. It heats the leftover pizzas or meat and also helps you bake cakes and more. So considering all of this and the fact that it is cared and cleaned, they are pretty durable for their price.

7. HVAC System (20 Years)

HVAC system obviously should work for a longer period of time because of its price. You won’t want to spend a large sum of money for a machine to be broken down in a few years. HVAC system’s lifespan is easily around 20 years. Regular maintenance and repairs can extend its life to 20 years otherwise you should be considering to change the HVAC system in 15 years.

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