Are you thinking to arrange one pizza party after opening your school? It is very easy to put the pizza party. If someone buys a pizza and has it with their friends, it is also the pizza party.

That means you do not put so much effort to arrange the pizza party. But in this new normal situation, you will return to school after few months. So, you deserve a party with your school friends.

Today’s discussion will present some best tips that will make your pizza party memorable and enjoyable. So, before you look for the Italian calzone, read on the below segments to celebrating returning to school.

Games for Pizza Party 

Firstly, if you want to make your pizza party more enjoyable, you have to arrange the pizza games. Without pizza games, you will not get the real enjoyment of the pizza party.

Mainly, people love to arrange games based on pizza and pizza box. But you can try something different as well. Here, you have to ensure that you are not ending your party just by biting the pizza. You have to arrange the games to make the party more interactive.

Now we will tell you that what kind of games you can play at the pizza party. Firstly, you have to keep in mind that you will arrange all the indoor games—for example, the musical pillow, and race with the pizza box, truth and dare etc. Also, you have to put a gift for the winner.

Planning Tips for Party

Now we will tell you how you will plan the entire party. Here, we will suggest you use your creative ideas. But it might be tough to decide that how many pizzas you will buy for the party. Here, we can help you. We will present the details in the below segments.


It will be better if you hire a catering service. Here we’re going to suggest you go for the Hungry Howie. They will do all the things for you. Mostly, they will arrange food, beverage and everything that you need for your party.

In a word, Hungry Howie’s® will handle the food ordering process. You have to tell them about your pizza choice and combo.

Try the Basic Things

Sometimes people prefer to try something different at the pizza party. But we will suggest you try the essential things. A pizza party does not mean that you have to take lots of pizza. Either is a party of enjoyment as well. So, there are so many things that you will do at your party. So, do not spend so much time selecting the different types of pizza.  


Everyone love to eat dessert. And you will also love to have dessert after having the cheesy Italian margherita pizza. So, it will be better to arrange one or two desserts. It will add a different value to your pizza party.

Interior Decoration

Finally, we’ll suggest you focus on the interior. It is very vital to ensure a party look. So, you have to work on the interior. You can add some balloons and colorful craft to make your party more enjoyable.


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